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Beyond Role Modeling

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Inherent to being a physician is being a leader. Leading our patients towards better health however, is different than leading within systems, whether managing private offices, working in health organizations, or influencing broader policies and negotiations.

At a time when healthcare is struggling and respect for our profession feels like it’s dwindling day by day, the need for physicians to have meaningful voices at all system levels has never been more important. To be effective, key competencies in leadership and emotional intelligence are essential.

Most physicians gain leadership competencies by modeling mentors who learned the same way, and often with little to no emotional intelligence training. Docs in Leadership programs go beyond role modeling and provide formalized curriculum in leadership and emotional intelligence based on best practices. By presenting this curriculum to medical trainees, we shape our leaders and advocates for the future. By promoting curriculum to physicians-in-practice, we merge experience with theory and enhance our capabilities as advocates for today.

Physicians are inherently leaders. Together with our fellow health professionals, the more we know, understand, engage and advocate the better off our profession will be - for patients, healthcare providers, and systems overall.

Dr. Nina Ahuja, BScHons MD FRCSC CHE

Founder, Docs in Leadership

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