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Ready to THRIVE on your path to becoming a doctor WITHOUT constantly feeling overwhelmed? Sleepless nights, never-ending to do lists, high stakes - you're not alone. 


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Docs in Leadership Emerging Leaders Program:

Managing Stress in Med School and Residency

Set Yourself up for Success as an Emerging Leader in Healthcare with High Impact 

Welcome to Docs in Leadership Founded by Dr. Nina Ahuja, M.D.

Transforming emerging physicians into thriving and emotionally intelligent leaders, through education, personal development and community
Photo of founder of Docs in Leadership: Dr. Nina Ahuja, MD
Course logo and title: Managing Stress in Med School and Resdency - Set yourself up for success

Dr. Nina Ahuja, BScHons MD FRCSC CHE

Surgeon, Award Winning Medical Educator

National Academic Leader

Founder of Docs in Leadership

Certified Emotional Intelligence Instructor

Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

Facilitating positive change for health systems by empowering emerging physicians with leadership skills and competencies to be effective while maintaining wellness.  Click here to learn more and follow Dr. Ahuja on social media @ninaahujamd for ongoing updates

Photo of tweet by National Business Book Award recommending Dr. Ahuja's book Stress in Medicine

Advocating for our professional and personal wellness by encouraging healthcare providers to share experiences openly and using Dr. Ahuja's ADMIT® framework, to increase emotional intelligence and mindful engagement for positive impact within our system. Click here to learn more


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