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Invited Podcasts and Interviews - Dr. Ahuja

EyeCan Season 4, Episode 8:
Physician Leadership with Dr. Nina Ahuja

Hosted by
Dr. Mona Dagher 
and Dr. Hady Saheb
Live in the Moment - Liisa Uusimaki_edit
Dr. Nina Ahuja - Empowering Health Professionals in Leadership

Hosted by
Associate Professor Liisa Uusiimaki, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Podcast interview on Law You Should Know
Law You Should Know Podcast:
Stress Reduction

Hosted by
Attorney Ken Landau, Past Dean of Nassau Academy of Law 
Vodcast interview on Health Drips
How to Address
Stress in Medicine with
Dr. Nina Ahuja

Hosted by
Paulishia Augillard, M.S., MFT, LPC
Vodcast interview on Emotional Intelligence Teaching Company
Emotional Intelligence in the Medical World: An Interview with
Dr. Nina Ahuja

Hosted by
David Cory, President
The Emotional Intelligence Training Company
Vodcast interview on Beyond Confidence
An Interview with
Dr. Nina Ahuja and
Tim Shurr

Hosted by
Divya Parekh
Podcast interview on the EyeCan Podcast
Episode 6: Physician Wellness
with guest
Dr. Nina Ahuja
Hosted by
Dr. Guillermo Rocha 
& Dr. Setareh Ziai
Podcast interview on Retina Channel Podcast
E45: Stress in Medicine
Book Club with Dr. Nina Ahuja
Hosted by
Dr. Keyvan Koushan
Article profiling Dr. Ahuja in Authority Magazine - Top Lessons. Top Authorities
Ideas in the Wild: How Dr. Nina Ahuja Aims To Change The Culture of Silence Among Physicians About The Stress They Face

Written by
Zack Obront
Podcast interview on AuthorHour
Stress in Medicine:
Dr. Nina Ahuja

Hosted by
Drew Appelbaum
Podcast interview on Central Line - Leadership in Healthcare
Advancing Leadership Education in Medicine with Dr. Nina Ahuja

Hosted by
Leah Wuitschik
Retina Channel Podcast Logo.JPG
Episode 76:
EDI Landscape in Canadian Ophthalmology Residency Programs

An Interview with
Dr. Nina Ahuja and
Dr. Nupura Bakshi

Hosted byDr. Keyvan Koushan
Smart Growth Rocket.JPG
What this Surgeon and Award-winning Medical Educator wants Emerging Doctors to Know, with Dr. Nina Ahuja, M.D.

Hosted by
Francesca Cadhit, Founder of Top Class Edge Learning
Podcast interview on Oh Hell No
Episode 227:
Meet Dr. Nina Ahuja and discover
Docs in Leadership

Hosted by
Keisha Nicole Bent,
Vodcast interview on The Podcast by KevinMD
Dr. Nina Ahuja, author of bestselling book
"Stress in Medicine: Lessons Learned Through My Years

as a Surgeon"

Hosted by
Kevin Pho, MD
Article interview with Dr. Ahuja in MedStudy
How To Identify and Deal With Compassion Fatigue During a Pandemic with comments by
Dr. Nina Ahuja

Written by
Maddy Crouch
Podcast interview on Nursing Uncensored
Exploring Stress
in Medicine with
Nina Ahuja, MD
Hosted by
Adrianne Behning
Podcast interview on Nurse Becoming
#035: Stress in Medicine
with Dr. Nina Ahuja
Hosted by
Amanda Guarniere
Pocast profile on Dr. Ahuja's book Stress in Medicine
Bonus Episode:
Stress in Medicine

Hosted by
Leah Wuitschik
Podcast interview on My Future in Med
#30: Dr. Nina Ahuja the Ophthalmic Surgeon and Author of "Stress in Medicine"

Hosted by
Ricky Mitchell
Vodast interview on OrthoPOD powered by OrthoEvidence
In Conversation with
Dr. Nina Ahuja
Episode 76:
Stress in Medicine: Lessons Learned

Hosted by
Dr. Mohit Bhandari
COSIG Logo_edited.jpg
The Importance of EI, Developing Opportunities, and Building Leadership

Hosted by
Sloane Kowal and Mohammad Gemae, Canadian Ophthalmology Student Interest Group (COSIG) 
Podcast interview on Seeing Clearly podcast
Episode 16:
Dr. Nina Ahuja

Hosted by
Emaan Chaudry
& Danielle Solish
Podcast interview on the Holistic Counseling Podcast
An Effective and Practical Framework for Managing Stress

Hosted by
Chris McDonald, LCMHCS
Radio interview on Preferred Company
Dr. Ahuja's ADMIT  Framework Explained

Hosted by 
Fran Holinda, MBA-HCM
Vocast interview on the Erica Latice Show
Dr. Nina Ahuja's Journey in Medicine, Leadership and More

Hosted by
Erica Latrice
Article written by Dr. Ahuja profiled on KevinMD
The Culture of Silence Works Against Medical Professionals’ Wellness
Written by
Dr. Nina Ahuja 
Vodcast interview on Cup of Nurses Podcast
E96: Stress in Medicine
with Dr. Nina Ahuja
Hosted by
Matt Solarczyk
& Peter Findura
Podcast interview on The WoMed
Stress in Medicine with Dr. Nina Ahuja

Hosted by
Danielle Maltby
Podcast interview on Becker's Healthcare Podcast
Dr. Nina Ahuja,  Author of “Stress in Medicine: Lessons Learned Through My Years as a Surgeon, from Med School to Residency, and Beyond”

Hosted by
Scott Becker
Television interview on Business Wellness in Hamilton
Watch Now
How to Instill the Drive to Achieve within Your Team

Hosted by
Linda Marshall
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