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Docs in Leadership Flagship Emerging Leaders Program:
Managing Stress in Med School and Residency

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Develop your edge and stand out as an emerging leader in healthcare while maintaining your own wellness, through this innovative one-of-a-kind program created by surgeon, award-winning medical educator and bestselling author, Dr. Nina Ahuja, M.D.

Multi-modal learning, opportunities for national and international networking, specifically designed for medical students and postgraduate residents

"As an emerging physician and leader in healthcare, learning to manage your stress effectively early on sets the stage for lifelong success and wellness. Bring the best of yourself to those around you and develop your leadership skills along the way, through this innovative program that will benefit you both personally and professionally." - Dr. Nina Ahuja, M.D.

A glimpse of what students are saying...

Student program testimonials: "Filling a gap in med education", "Exceeded my expectations"
Student program testimonials: "A strength-building journey", "Empowering"
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